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Who is David Render?

David Render

David Render constantly speaks of determination and overcoming the steep odds in people’s lives around America. He first learned about service to people while being in the armed forces & military for nearly 10 years. David excelled quickly to recruiting officer, where he career counseled, advised, and outlined life strategy to future cadets for the military and beyond. This included potential officers, flight pilots, lawyers, nurses, doctors, & chaplains. David Render supported in creating recruiting and navigation programs for high schools, colleges, and more. His networking skills & abilities helped thrust people into a much brighter future. David studied Workforce Training and Development where he attained his Associates Degree and over 100+ hours in Bachelor education.

From there, David became a sought after counselor, adviser, and business coach for many first time entrepreneurs and business executives. With his dynamic communication skills & excitement for life, David Render navigated his way to the screen by becoming the Executive Producer & on -camera Host of his show “Renderlife with Neal Render” which aired on both Cable public access, NBC Comcast Independent Production, and “WCIU the U too television network in the tri-state of Chicago, IL. from 2015 to 2018. His show was both motivational and provided a platform for people to tell their stories of transformation and overcoming the odds in life. With that production, David Render got much recognition for his work from the Chicago Television Film Festival in 2018 by receiving a Certificate of Merit awarded for his show.

As David continued to do his research regarding the mind and life transformation, he gathered a little over +16,000 hours of scholarly research and information on transforming the mind. Through his research, David discovered that in reversing the engineering of the brain’s behavioral functions & problems, one can find a more profitable life result. For himself, he was baffled that it worked for him! This caused the launching of a more philanthropic approach to helping people. He came up with this: When giving becomes a lifestyle, it unlocks others to improve their own lives, especially businesses and social innovation. He was compelled to give support to startups for the betterment of people. With his experience applied as a grassroots organization Executive Director role, David created 100’s of job opportunities and community beautification teams promoting health and wellness socially with youth and adults. He saw problems and viable effective calculated strategy solutions were created in the communities he supported. With this experience, he gladly was able to pour into business and provide education for getting a business off the ground.

As a Tv & Media producer, David had the opportunity to interview many public figures and celebrities of today. He interviewed the following:

-State Governors, Mayors, CEO’s and Business Executives, Senators,

-NFL & NBA Hall of Famers, Pop, Country, and Rap Music Celebrity Artists and other notable personalities on some of David’s segments on television

-Life coached family members of celebrities privately, who have found themselves in distressing & perplexing times, social media conversations, and life inspiring effective interviews.

David had many featured guests aired on various Television Networks NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, BET, and people on segments such as Goodmorning America GMA, Dr.Phil, Judge Joe Brown, American Greed, Empire, Fox Business Spotlight and much more! David, as well, has had featured roles in the above shows as well as a talent on television.

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David Render shares philanthropy of media, TV, Film, and digital frontier
Television Personality David Render

About RenderLife Productions

RenderLife Productions is a Media Company dedicated to developing beautifully capture people’s life moments to be present with them on camera in their stories through David Render and production crew forges and mine’s out reality based content.

Certified Coaching and Life Empowerment

David has coached many clients connecting with people with deep life issues. David researched and developed interviews on Network Television, film and personal sessions with people with career opportunities, professionals in the field of business startup in transition Entrepreneurship, Television, Music, Film, navigation in Marriage and relationships for better effective impact to achieve their greatest challenges to overcome and move on in life when & after destruction and recovery.

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