RL Productions Casting 2020

We share Charlotte’s Excitement for RenderLife Productions

Join us and submit to be in a star or background role in one of our films or projects, and whatever we may be doing! There is a lot going on. Some of the Actors and Celebrities, we have had the pleasure to work with and get to know for projects, have given great feedback on our work.

Others we’ve worked with, have extensive experience in on-camera work managers and agents.

Some are new, aspiring actors learning about Film, TV, and Business.

Whatever your experience level, come and be apart of our network.

Diverse Talent is really important to us.

Charlotte K.

“Very Professional great simple casting process! The Lead role helped my opportunities in Television and Film Industry. David is very Motivational!”

J. Rangel

“Great thanks! This is great! Awesome, thanks for the opportunity to work with your production! Looking forward to your castings for 2020 “

Working With RL Productions was Awesome! Lots of great food vibes and good energy. Always ready to get work done and got my IMDB credit!

Daniel L. 

KTSE, Music Artist

I appreciate the opportunity, my expections was really high, excited to be casted for the production. The time well spent, after watching David I quickly picked up he knows what he is doing.He was about business and running a smooth production.I have a better opportunity at getting casted with RenderLife Productions for upcoming film and Tv opportunities.

Its really refreshing to be acknowledged on set professionally about previous acting roles with respect. Its a great feeling.

Eddie Q, Actor

Foreign Films and TV Programs fundraised from all over the world .Germany, Istanbul, Sweden, Australia, Mexico, US, Italy, Budapest, India and many other places where great filmmakers, producers, and executives create amazing works. Budgets under 3 Million dollars.

Over hundreds of various films and TV programs contributed financially we look for unique stories

We seek unique award -winning films and features or TV shows to support. Some included Finalists, Official Selections, Los Angeles CineFest, Nottingham International MicroFilm Festival, Sundance, Raindance, SXSW Film Festival, Women’s film Festival, Berlin, Melbourne, San Francisco International Film Festival. Some aspiring filmmakers and producers might just be just starting out looking for funders to make their dreams a sure reality. When everyone else says no, say yes to yourself and make it happen!

📉📊Career Development ——> 📑 TV contracts before you sign things to know.