About The HYR Investment in People

“Anything can happen at any moment to change your life forever. The very thing or event people think can’t happen…can.”

It’s a challenge, but not Impossible


This world can be very dog eat dog. People have a scarcity and fear-based mentality & are unwilling to be an answer to the problems of others. The fight for position, status, and placement in the world, is at an all time high in the 21st-Century. In order to amass greater wealth and obtain better opportunities, the fight is realer with in the past fifteen years than in other years. Where business is war and is an all out fight to the end for life resources and accumulation of wealth. David takes on a very different approach through social media and television. His main goal is to intervene & change people’s lives forever. David brings shock value experiences in a great way to society! David believes that THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH and that “The Highest Investment is in People.”

“David Render takes the humorously fun, exciting challenge to bring T.E.C.H to people and startups through Time, Education, Coaching, and Help Power. The money,rewards, and incentives is on the table. David set a personal goal to invest over $100,000 to people in equity of information, time, gifts, and assets making their dreams a reality. The “H.Y.R. Investment” show brings rewards, incentives, and recognition to all people in various walks of life. David’s larger than life personality invests in Startups CEO’s, founders, Corporate Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, and people like you. It is a wealth show that is very philanthropic, motivational, and inspirational in a style which is life-changingly powerful!


“Your show and words helped me transform my mind to help see my son and myself in a different more productive light.Man!”

Jimmy T Raleigh NC

Sir Neal Render showed me the light in this life and gave me a chance to be better person. Also, Sir Neal Render motivated me to dig deeper and to do whatever it takes to reach the goal.

Dakon -Former NEO Nazi, Ukraine

“Nobody has ever given me anything of this level of recognition and gift in my life!”

Ron V Phoenix AZ

An absolute gem.Very motivational, very regular and dependable.

Akhil C India

“I couldn’t believe it! We actually got anything we wanted for Christmas and New Year!”

C. H Compton CA

“A refreshing life coach, he gives people in a great chance to expand and gives you beneficial advice.”

Bran C Manchester UK

David is the best! You will be feeling so much better after the insight and wisdom given!

Coby A Brazil

The HYR Investment with David Render: Episode Everything They Wanted
Ron being recognized after 30 years of service in various fields of work and given a experience and check of appreciation from the heart.Heartwarming deep felt emotions from Ron, expressed to David on the Show. Priceless.
Great moments with families on the HYR Investment

West Coast impact on the HYR Investment
East Coast Entrepreneurs on the HYR Investment

Let’s build something together.

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